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How to exchange money in Peru? Everything you need to know

Money exchange is an inevitable part of any vacation or journey, thankfully, Peru offers different options for exchanging most currencies, including the popular “dollar”. So, if you’re a tourist looking for the best dollar exchange rate or an expatriate wanting to convert your earnings into the local currency (peruvian sol), this guide will provide you with all the options Peru’s money exchange market has to offer.

Getting to know the exchange rates in Lima and other cities in Peru

Before listing all the options available to exchange dollars in Lima, Peru; it’s important to understand the exchange rates which are changing constantly throughout the day. Peru has one of the most stable currencies in Latin America, however, paying attention and being updated on the latest exchange rate helps you get a few more bills in return.

One great way to keep updated is visiting cuantoestaeldolar.pe homepage, there you’ll be able to find all the existing exchange rates from the “official” rate to the prices used by “cambistas”, which will be explained later in the guide. Cuantoestaeldolar.pe offers an easy way to compare and find the best prices for your dollars.

“Casas de Cambio”

In Lima and Peru, the go-to option for exchanging money are the so-called “Casas de Cambio” or exchange houses. These are specialized financial institutions that provide currency exchange services in a secure environment. You can find these exchange houses throughout the entire city and country, particularly in popular tourist areas and other commercial districts, here you’ll get the most competitive rate for your money.

In most cases, the staff at these money exchange houses know English, ensuring effective communication with travelers who may not know spanish.

One convenient resource for finding exchange houses across Lima and other main cities in Peru is the directory provided by cuantoestaeldolar.pe (https://cuantoestaeldolar.pe/directorio5 ) This comprehensive list allows you to search for exchange houses, allowing you to choose from a variety of options based on your location and preferences. All of the casas de cambio in this index are reputable and have been visited by staff.

Online Money Exchange

In addition to physical casas de cambio, another option to consider is online money exchange services. With advancements in technology, online platforms have emerged as a convenient way to exchange currency. Many online services allow you to convert your dollars to the local currency from the comfort of your home or hotel room. One such platform that can assist you in finding the best exchange rate for your dollars in Lima, Peru, is cuantoestaeldolar.pe. This platform provides a comprehensive comparison of different online exchange services, allowing you to evaluate rates and fees. By utilizing it, you can easily find the most favorable exchange rate and complete your transaction securely and efficiently.

However, it’s important to mention that you need an account with a Peruvian bank to be able to access this option. Which makes online money exchange the ideal way for expatriates or those staying for longer periods of time.


The term “cambistas” refers to informal money changers or street currency dealers. These individuals operate in public areas, such as popular tourist spots, markets, and commercial districts. Cambistas offer foreign currency exchange services, most commonly for US dollars and euros, to both locals and tourists.

Cambistas typically carry a stack of different currencies and display them openly, signaling their availability for currency exchange. They often approach potential customers, touting their competitive rates and convenience. While some cambistas may be legitimate and provide fair exchange rates, others may engage in illegal activities or attempt to scam unsuspecting individuals. While cambistas may appear as a convenient option due to their presence in busy areas, it’s advisable to approach currency exchange with caution and prioritize safety and legality.

It’s recommended to choose regulated institutions such as money exchange houses, that provide transparent and secure currency exchange services.

Other options available

Hotels: Some hotels, usually high end ones, offer the option to exchange money in their premises. However, it’s not recommended unless necessary, as they offer less favorable rates. If you’re located in a tourist area, chances are you’re near an exchange house with better rates.

Airports: It’s a well known fact that most airports offer terrible exchange rates and this is the case for Peru. Avoid exchanging your money upon arrival, or if needed exchange a small amount, and then get to an exchange house for better rates.

ATMs and banks: Banks are a secure option to exchange money, as well as the ATMs inside. Be sure to consult your bank to determine the fees associated with internacional transactions. Note: If you’re inclined to use ATMs, we advise you to use the ones inside banks for safety reasons.

In conclusion, exchanging money in Lima, Peru is a straightforward process with various options available to tourists and expatriates. By following the tips provided in this guide and utilizing reputable exchange houses or banks, you can ensure favorable exchange rates and a secure transaction. Remember to stay updated on the current exchange rates, and websites like cuantoestaeldolar.pe can provide valuable information. Exercise caution to make the most of your currency exchange experience in Lima, Peru.

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